This week, Keri and Carter talk to Penthouse’s new advice columnist, Mandy Stadtmiller. An ardent defender of free speech, Stadtmiller’s recent article and associated video, “Does Judd Apatow Deserve to be Cancelled?” (link below) garnered attention for comparing the celebrity’s hypocritical newfound “wokeness” and associated tactics to the German Sasi.Continue Reading

This week, Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, returned to the Joe Rogan podcast with his lawyer in tow to answer questions about bias and censorship from both Rogan and special guest Tim Pool. The increased scrutiny comes on the heels of a Project Veritas revelation about Facebook’s policyContinue Reading

In this special bonus episode of Deprogrammed, Keri’s friend April Rose discusses the psychology behind social justice and her evolution away from the ideology. About Deprogrammed Every Thursday at 11:00 Pacific, former SJW Keri Smith joins Unsafe Space to co-host “Deprogrammed.” We’ll explore the philosophy, strategy, and tactics that MarxistContinue Reading