Tuesday Teatime This week, I’ll talk about the Trump administration’s rumored plans to “erase” trans people through an update in Title IX guidelines, and California’s recent legislation requiring female board members on publicly traded companies. Please join me for the discussion, and feel free to Tweet ideas/suggestions/comments to me atContinue Reading

Every Tuesday at 11:00 Pacific, former SJW Keri Smith joins Unsafe Space to co-host “Deprogrammed” We’ll explore the philosophy, strategy, and tactics that Marxist and postmodern nihilists use to program “Social Justice Warriors,” turning otherwise thoughtful, critically-minded individuals into armies of extreme leftist NPCs. Each week, we’ll talk about aContinue Reading

Tuesday Teatime: Universal Principles This week, I’ll talk about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage (or lack thereof), Hillary Clinton’s fusion of political power and civility, and Antifa’s claim that speech supporting violent ideologies is in itself violence and can therefore be countered with violence. Please join me for the discussion,Continue Reading

On 1PM PDT on Thursday, October 11th, Unsafe Space chatted with Jon Del Arroz, the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction. He’s the author of the #1 Bestselling Young Adult Steampunk series: The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle, and is currently adapting Richard Fox’s bestselling military science fiction novel TheContinue Reading

In this episode, I read an article I wrote about the culture and philosophy behind the outrage antics surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. If you’re scratching your head wondering how the world became so crazy, this is the episode for you. Links: Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen Hicks: Books by AlanContinue Reading

Finally, the circus is over. For now. In a narrow 50-48 vote on Saturday, the Senate confirmed the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to serve as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Even though he was eventually confirmed, many Americans are looking at the chaos over the last fewContinue Reading

Join S. Misanthrope and Carter live today as we discuss the uncomfortable topic of whether and how inebriation affects consent when it comes to casual sex at a drunken party. Subscribe to Unsafe Space on YouTube or visit unsafeshow.com Subscribe to and follow S. Misanthrope at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC66AM1MJ4wIG3smb1y07kHg